How does opening a Kontist account work?

Opening a Kontist Business Account is as easy as 123:

  1. Download the Kontist app from the App or PlayStore
  2. Register for an account
  3. Verify your identity within the app via VideoIdent – your account is unlocked within minutes

At first you will only see a screen with your new IBAN number. This changes as soon as a first payment has been received in your account.

From this point on you have full access to all online features and can conveniently regulate your banking transactions over the Internet.

Online banking in particular is an integral part of direct banks. It makes it easier for you to create business and tax records for your own company.

You always have full control of your account, and you can contact a competent person at any time for questions, criticism or suggestions. You always have your account balance online at a glance.

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