Free Business Account for Freelancers: Kontist

Kontist – If you work as a self-employed person or as a freelancer, you have a lot in mind. Accounting, of course, but actually you’d better concentrate on the actual business. In addition, most banks require much higher account maintenance fees for business accounts than for private checking accounts.

Some time ago I found a practical solution for this: Kontist.

Kontist is a free business account operated by Solarisbank. And this account has all sorts of smart features.

Thus the account is led completely in the Smartphone and also the account opening takes place completely without any paper. This is super easy and fast. I’ve never opened an account on Sunday morning from bed. Sounds weird, but that works!

The Kontist app notifies you about every cash receipt and also about each exit. And if you also use Debitoor for your bookkeeping, paid bills will automatically be syndicated to Debitoor and marked as paid.


Meanwhile, I also use Debitoor for my bookkeeping and the interaction is fantastic. Incoming and outgoing payments are largely automatically assigned to the respective invoices within Debitoor. Just perfect.

The best feature for me is the distribution of the account balance. Because the app does not just show the account balance. No, it also indicates which part of the amount is mine and which share belongs to the tax office. Once you’ve set which tax rates to apply, Kontist automatically puts that part aside, so you can see directly what you really have in your pocket and what amount may need to be paid at the end of the year.

The best part is that this account is completely free. It costs nothing. If you want, you can also optionally apply for a MasterCard for your Kontist account. This costs 29 € per year or is free if the card turnover per year is more than 3000 €.
The MasterCard can be used up to 25 € contactless and is also suitable for withdrawing cash at the machine. As far as I can remember, that was until recently still free. Meanwhile, a withdrawal costs, however, 2 €

It is also practical that every card transaction is confirmed directly by a push message on the smartphone. Thus, the output can also be categorized equal so that the calculation of tax payments is correct.
In addition to the physical mastercard, you can also apply for a virtual credit card within the app. This is free and can e.g. used for online shopping.

I’ve been using Kontist for a few months now and I’m very happy with it. It would be great if there were connections to other accounting systems besides Debitoor. As far as I know, this is planned.

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